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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Rangers, The NHL and the Media in 2009

Hello everyone,

About a year ago I started this blog in an attempt to provide original and perhaps new commentary and information on beloved New York Rangers. As a fan of the team, I often found myself going to independent websites and blogs for information regarding the team, and not the official Rangers website. The "blogosphere" was new, and provided a greater range of opinions and information that was not common in the more mainstream websites like ESPN.com, NHL.com or even NewYorkRangers.com. After becoming an avid contributor to other blog sites, and commenting often, I decided to start my own blog with the hope of providing yet another view for Rangers' fans. However, the rigors of a hectic school and work schedule prevented me from really getting the ball rolling and I eventually shelved the project to be resumed at a later date.

Fortunatley for me, and maybe you, that later date is now. Professor Pavlik's assignment to create a blog for the Exploring New Media class has given me an oppurtunity to again explore blogging. The scope and information provided by this blog will change however, as I will not only be talking solely about the New York Rangers, but I will discuss the Rangers, the NHL and the more broader themes surrounding the way in which both are covered by media outlets in the age of digital media. My ability to comment and publish personal thoughts, pictures and video is just further testament to the ways in which digital media has transformed the way in which people get their information. Bloggers also have the unique ability of being able to voice the opinions of the everday fan, and in great numbers can create groundswells which sway support for players, coaches and general managers in the NHL and all sports. Often the mainstream media picks up on the pulse of bloggers, and in a way, bloggers provide an alternative to mainstream media, a supplement to mainsteam media and can even influence the mainstream media.

With that said, I hope you all come to enjoy both my commentary on the way in which the evolution of digital media has impacted the game, and also enjoy my commentary on the Rangers. If by chance someone from Exploring New Media who is a Ranger fan comes across the blog, please feel free to comment and give me your opinion on any and all topics related to this site and the class.

Thank you,
Gino DeCaro


As far as the Rangers go, as I write this, the score has gone final in Buffalo. The Rangers have lost 4-2 to a surging Buffalo Sabres team, and have now dropped to the 8th and final playoff position in the Eastern Conference. I would have to say that Tom Renney's departure appears to be imminent.

While this in no way qualifies as an expert opinion or interview, I could not help but laugh and share it with you. As I was writing this post, I received a text message from both a Buffalo Sabres fan, and a member of the class, Jason Ochs. His text, verbatim: "yea man ur def right rangers wont make the playoffs." Yet another example of the fast paced, rapid spreading of information we encounter everyday. Now if only Jay Ochs was an actual correspondent with relevent information to share with me...

Good night all...


Jay Ochs said...

hey man, good quote by me. i am excited to be an integral part of your blog as my correspondence is always insightful. you need to have some biased anti-ranger views in your pro-ranger life there, buddy!

Gino said...

Well, like Fox News, I aim to be Fair and Balanced at all times, so you are welcome to come and voice your opinion. In fact, perhaps we should develop a weekly spot... Wednesdays with Jay! at Blueshirt Blogger... DONE! You've just created a new weekly segment...